Saturday, March 26


Today was a new day. Yesterday we said goodbye to Hanae (the japanese study abroad student living with Michelle). It was so sad to see her sob at the airport when we had to say goodbye. The house is very quiet without the 4'10" bouncyball to welcome you home. Michelle is going away this weekend and i will have the house to myself. She plans on stopping by a friends and "just looking" at a pair of female kittens...I am sure that she'll come home with them.
I went out to the mall after class/two online lectures and shopped. I feel much better after yesterday's fever/sore throat/dry cough fiasco. I think that going to the two hour soccer practice literally ran it out of me. It was great because then I can actually focus on school now. Not that I wasn't before, but I just have a lot more energy. I also went bed early and naturally woke up at 6 am and couldn't fall asleep. So I got up and got ready for the day. I made it to the bus without running any of the 15-20 minute walk through the park. it is getting colder outside...I have to wear a fall coat in the mornings and late in the evenings. This is fine because I am sick of being hot all the time! The sun still shines and I is really nice during the middle of the day. The oak leaves are changing color and it reminds me slightly of home. No matter what I do to try and explain it to people. No one knows where Lake Superior or Minnesota is on a map. So they don't understand the vastness of the lake or the climate that I come from. so I give up and say that I'm from Canada. Everyone thinks I sound canadian anyways. Oh well. I'll run with it.

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  1. Grace-it's amazing to imagine you walking under turning leaves, winter in the offing, just as we see the teasing hints of spring in the melting rivers, intense midday sun, and the dreams of migrating birds.
    As for the Kiwi indifference to Minnesotan identity, perhaps they're more familiar with the east coast of America. Because as they say in Jersey when people are just not "getting us", FNADB!
    May love reign through the rain out there.