Sunday, January 30


  1. Great to hear you guys made it (despite chocolate butt, airport sprint, & lost luggage); I'm sure the NZers don't quite know yet exactly what's hit them (Hurricane Lucy or Arctic High Grace); Grace, Leo is still not sure if you can claim first sunrise or if it's really last, but I'm defending you all the way; have a great time at Abel Tasman (the dolphins won't care what you're wearing)-PS

  2. Dear WW:
    Sorry I didn't get you each half a case of fruit bars for the plane!!!!! Of course, it sounds like Lucy was already having bowel control issues. I miss the chance to ski with you on Sunday, Lucy. We've had about 100 more inches of white! Hope they have good bagels and lox at the traveling women's house! We envy you the journey, but not the lack of luggage and fresh clothes. When will you ever hook back up with your bags? This is sounding a little like the wild women in Italy adventures. Good luck on the next phase of the jaunt. Show the Kiwis how tough and cheerful Widji women can be. Peace, love, and warm water for showers to ya.FNADB

  3. GO GIRLS! Have a great time in NZ.

    Grace, just picked up your card at the post office today. THANK YOU!!! I didn't want to bother you before you left, so I did not ask you to make a pair. I am SO glad that your Mom mentioned my interest.

    Leo - Lily is now skiing the 10K and the big hill at Korkki. You could join her on Sundays at kid ski, but you'd have to promise to keep up! Love, Julie.