Wednesday, February 2

We're Alive!

We made it back from the trip. VERY SMELLY!!! We got up at 6AM to catch the bus from Nelson to Motueka (1.5 hour ride) and then a two hour taxi ride to our drop off zone. We then hiked for 12 kilometers (up and down this rocky coast...not very easy) with our HUGE backpacks filled with gear. It was hard work and I literally fell asleep after hitting the beach. I woke up several hours later with sunburn on my calves and behind my knees. Other than that I was fine.

The hike itself was BEAUTIFUL with golden beaches and rainforest-y flora. The ocean is so pretty and warmer than lake superior. We swam in it many times to cool off. Luckily I had packed my swimsuit and have become very tan from my multiple swims/lounging on the beach. There are really cute little birds that look a lot like quail that are running around with their little chicks. There are also stoat like creatures trying to catch them, so we get a free little nature show at night. We camped next to the beach on a crappy rented tent that I had to fix one of the broken poles in order to sleep in it correctly. It looked pretty sad, and I was missing my Marmot Limelight 3 badly.

The second day we went kayaking. It was beautiful and we got to see seals! There were little baby pups with them and they were very curious! We also went around the multiple bays with beautiful beaches. We estimate that we kayaked about 10 kilometers, but it was much easier than hiking. Pictures will come soon.

The third day we went hiking again, but we had heard that you could hire the water taxi to haul all of your stuff back to your final destination for a minimal fee. It was like 8 dollars US. We did that and actually ENJOYED our 12.5 kilometer trek back to the base where we picked up ice cream, iced coffee, and our bags and sat in the nice cool shade with an ocean breeze drifting over us. I swear on this trip alone I lost 5 lbs and gained a TON of muscle mass.

We then caught the bus home to "the bug" hostel and found our luggage waiting for us. A nice cold shower will soon follow this e-mail with fresh clean clothes! AHHHHHHH! I can't wait.

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