Monday, February 21


I just had my first class: Maori studies. It will be so much fun learning about their culture over here. The professor seems nice and I met a girl from Dunedin who is very nice. It should be a great class to have on mondays. It is my only class on mondays (4-5pm) so....I get a LONG weekend! :) Yipeeeeee! Tuesdays I have two classes before noon, and wednesdays I have three classes before noon. All in all, I'll be done with class early in the afternoon which will allow for some nice adventures. Unfortunately, Antartic studies is an 8 AM class, so I have to be at the busstop at 7 AM. Early mornings...but I'll be able to go to bed early. :) I am all smiles today. I don't have to buy as many books as I thought, my schedule is all set, and I am happily making friends. It is a goooood day in the sunshine.

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