Thursday, February 3

Survival Update:

So, we survived again today. This time we rented a car and drove on the left side of the road. I literally was the talking GPS and helper while praying that my mom wouldn't run me off the road. Again, the ditches are steep and only a foot off the road. It is really scary driving with my mom who is notorious for driving WAY too fast around corners and all the roads are S curves the WHOLE WAY! So, no motion sickness today...yipee! Only small heart attacks.
I also took a step out of my comfort zone and walked across a swinging bridge. It was beautiful and I actually got used to it enough to take some awesome pictures. The river was roaring beneath me though and it was pretty unnerving. I am picking up brochures in order to go canyoning. This is the act of rappelling down canyons and sliding down small waterfalls and rapids. I think it will be fun and will go when my mom leaves. We are hiking on the fox glacier on Saturday (your time) and will have a good time taking pictures.
By the way, I have added pictures to my blog so you can see how fit and tan I am....My ears are so sunburned from being out in the sun that they are peeling and blistered. Luckily it doesn't hurt, just itches. There are also gnats here and sandflies that have attacked my ankles, but tomorrow I will deftly defend them with bug-spray.
Other than the little buggies, I have been having an awesome time. I have met people from Taiwan, Holland, Germany, New Zealand (of course), Canada, the USA, Israel, Sweden and many, many others...It is incredible how many people are here on 3 month holidays! I wish we had that type of schedule that we could just get away for that long!
Everyone here is amazing and keeps telling us their favorite places to stay and things to do while we're here. It just tells us the important things to do and add to our schedule!
We are still planning to head to Milford Sound and was told that even in the rain it is worth the kayak to see all the beautiful waterfalls! I can't wait!

Well, more pictures today via took me forever to get that to work and hopefully more will be coming!


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