Saturday, February 12


We are still alive! WOOO HOO! We have made it to my host Mom’s house (by 8 AM)and met her. She is a very nice lady who took us out shopping around the city and helped me get my bus pass. She is excited to have me here and is very helpful in directing me where to go in order to get to the University. Tomorrow Mom and I are going to take her to brunch and will shop a little afterwards before Mom has to leave.
Michelle’s house is beautiful with a separate bathroom and large closet for me. I have a very comfortable bed (Mom has used it twice now), and am very relaxed here. She has even offered to let Mom stay tonight in the double bed with me. This is very convenient because there is a HUGE race (transcontinental) ending near here and all the hostels are fully booked.
So, now to describe Michelle’s house. Her house used to be a showroom for the suburb retailer. It has a three beautiful bathrooms, three bedrooms, and a large kitchen. Everything is well made and there isn’t any damage from the earthquake. There is internet here that I can use which will be handy in keeping contact with the North Shore. I took a nap in the backyard earlier today in the sunshine. The backyard has a large garden and has been growing her own veggies in the backyard….yippee for fresh tomatoes! She lives very close to the airport, and where Mom has to drop off the car tomorrow. Everything is going well, and I can’t wait to start school and get everything settled. Mom will check in to her flights tomorrow and we’ll get the refund for the camping gear from baggage services. We got her REAL phone number…(03) 359-9429 and you will be able to contact me through there. I think I’ll get a prepay phone though, just to have on me.

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