Thursday, February 10

Great DAY!

Well, now my trip to NZ is complete. Today I was able to go SURFING!!!! I have been talking about learning to surf for years and today was the Day. It was a great lot of fun and a great lot of exercise!!! I actually stood up and rode a really long wave (once). Most of the time was spent falling off the board shortly after coming to a stance. Apparently my body is facing forward too much (going down the hill) rather than snowboarding across it. However, my balance is pretty good for a little old gray haired lady. It was so fun that tomorrow I am going back to do it again. Tomorrow it will be the focus (and highlight) of the day. We are already staying within 2 blocks of the beach here in Sumner at a backpackers hostel aptly named the Marine Backpackers. Did I mention that the Marine Backpackers is also conveniently a bar as well? Sumner, according to our surfing instructor ,Aaron, is the best beach in the whole world to learn on. There is no undertow, the waves are small but big enough and regularly spaced for beginners to groove on. Best of all, there are no rocks or sharks. Sumner is only 30 minutes from the city center of Christchurch so we are also oh so close to making our full circle tour of NZ complete. This is a great way to end the trip!!! It would also have been a great way to start the trip... or simply spend the entire trip. Can you tell I like surfing? I should have been a California girl.


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