Thursday, February 3

Car Rental

Today begins the crazy adventure down the coast in the rental car. We will be focusing on driving on the left hand side of the road. It will be scary, but I think with a LOT of focus we can do it. We'll be going to the flat rocks for a brief stop and take a look around, and then we'll try and make it as far as we can down the coast towards the glaciers. The plan is to take a day hike to the leading edge of the glacier and then try and get down to Arthur Pass. From there we can zoom down to Milford Sound and take a nice day long kayak tour down there. From there we'll head back to Christchurch and see if we can get some nice weather on Sumner beach to try our hand at surfing. :). Well, thats all for now!

1 comment:

  1. Galz: Very proud of you on this successful trek-except the part about sending your gear back on a water taxi. What would Craig Brown think?
    What gear were you carrying-all rented, and crappy stuff too?
    Check your email, Grace.
    It's only -5 F tonight. Tell Lucy Shary Tom Kris Patti and Leo skied 13 miles round trip from Silver Bay to Tettegouche in your honor. Send pics when time permits.
    Get plenty of rest, and not out in the sun, dears.