Tuesday, February 22


Dear All,
I am safe at Michelle's with running water, internet, power and everything. We have plenty of food and everyone is alright...Christchurch is destroyed, but the suburbs are alright.

I love you,



  1. Great news Grace -I awoke to NPR news this morning and immediately thought about you. All the best in your upcoming adventures...Jeff

  2. Glad to hear it Grace! Keep us posted when you can.

  3. Thanks for your post Grace. I just finally got connected to the news and my thoughts immediately turned to you. Glad you are safe!
    Julie Brown

  4. Grace: We were in shock until we heard your dad say you'd texted "I'm OK". We are grateful but sad for this tragedy that's hitting all around you. Stay safe... perhaps you can help us learn a little bit of the human story as the city tries to regain its bearings. Hopefully you can share your compassion where it may be needed. Please continue blogging us some of these experiences and feelings when you can. It helps to keep communicating.
    Love from all of us, Leo