Thursday, February 24


Yesterday the supermarkets opened up like nothing happened in the suburb that i live. This is great because many people could not get food for 1.5 days. Now they can go to the store and get what they need, including bottled water.

Many people are without water or power. They go to friends and family to recharge their cellphone batteries and stay the night in a warm place. Today I leave the city with my friend to head north. We managed to secure lodging in a series of hostels in Kaikoura, and Nelson. I feel like we are running away and abandoning the city, but it is the best thing to do with water supplies so low. We will have q brief vacation and when we come back we will help where we can. Probably removing rubble from homes, but I'm glad just to help. Pictures will be uploaded in Kaikoura of some damage.

I love you all.

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  1. Keep your updates coming. They help us feel closer to both you and the other New Zealanders who are stuggling with what has just happened in their lives.

    Much love,
    Julie, Craig & Lily

  2. hey grace, my mom just gave me a link to your blog and i love it, the photos are really great too. glad to hear you are safe and things in oceania are looking up! it's like the whole world is about to explode..we will all have to get together and share stories when we are back home again.
    it's been raining here for a catch some rays for me would ya?