Sunday, February 6


There are more pictures uploaded. We spent the night in a pretty seedy hostel. All of our stuff is still here and parasite free. :) But there wasn't any Internet for the last two nights. So, I have finally gotten somewhere that there is a decent connection! Pictures are from Punakaiki (pancake rocks with a small geyser) and from Fox Glacier. We hiked at Punakaiki for two hours and Fox glacier for 7 hours. It was a bunch of fun and the glacier was really cool!
I am super sleepy now and will post more tomorrow night....We're pretty toasty from 8 hours of driving. We drove from Haast through the Arthur Mountain Pass to Te Aneu. YUCK! We tried to break it up by stopping at Wanaka and another rest stop along the way...but we didn't want to drive at night. The drive was very pretty with many waterfalls from the rain that poured down last night. It also drizzled a bit, but it was nice to have it rain while in the car. It also cleared up when we hit Wanaka, and was able to run around and even swim in Lake Wanaka in the sunshine! We also got ice cream after some grocery shopping. They have the best produce this time of year and we have been surviving on fresh salads, awesome locally made cheese, ciabatta bread, and chocolate.
So, we finally made it at 8 pm and Lucy has gone to bed immediately! I decided I better stay up a little later. Tomorrow we wake at 6 AM for a kayak in the rain around Milford Sound. It should be lovely because of all the waterfalls. They'll supply us with warm gear and we were told all we had to bring was: a lunch, sunglasses, sunscreen, a camera, and either wear underwear or a swimsuit. This should be interesting. Talk to you soon!

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  1. Dear Ones: pictures are stunning-the kayak photos and beach scenes in particular (and both of you look radiant down there).
    Could you tell us in next posts what the temps are like when you're on the hike/kayak adventures (in F, not C), and what's the water temp in ocean now?
    Can't believe how beautiful the sand beaches looked, and of course the glaciers were cool.
    There is almost nothing in the pix that looks familiar to me. Only place I've lived that has anything like these features is Oregon. The mountain valley shots looked a bit like Scotland on steroids.
    Hope you get good accommodations from now on. We have not taken care of Mike...sorry.
    Flowers looked sub-tropical, one was a variation on a rhododendron and another like a daisy/pyrethrum.
    Skied Knife River yesterday-hot, near 34 degrees.
    Peace out, leoski