Wednesday, February 23


I am fine. It was exciting but fortunately I was near an exit and made it safe outside! School is cancelled for at least a week so I'm going on vacation with a friend to the North Island so we'll make the most out of the situation. The aftershocks still rumble the buildings and it frightens people. Don't worry about me, but pray for the safety of the people in the city in Christchurch! They spent the night in tents in the local park in the rain after being displaced from their homes! Send support! New Zealanders will need all they can get!

The ground rumbles, text messages only to communicate, and boiling water are many of the things we so here to cope with the state of emergency. We are lucky 89% of the city was without power last night. The airports open today, and Amelia and I might catch a 50 dollar flight somewhere else...I would volunteer but they flew in 3,000 emergency workers today. I don't know what I can so to help, but I want to be safe too...we'll see with time and I'll let you know.



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  1. Grace, I have been thinking about you as I watch the devastation and was happy to hear you are ok. Be careful, but I also know that you will find a way to help others. Fondly, Barb Sheedy.